History and Origin

The Cane Corso pronounced (KAH-nee CORE-so) is an ancient breed that originated in Italy.  In medieval times, the Cane Corso was used as a big game hunter. The Cane Corso’s power, courage and agility made him especially valuable on the battle field, and they served as "warriors" in Alexander’s Macedonian army. They were also used for hunting, herding, and as family guardians.

Temperament and Personality

The Cane Corso is known as an extremely bold, highly intelligent and easily trained dog. They are very territorial and suspicious of strangers. They are able to feel people's intention and will protect their owner and his property at any cost. Cane Corsos are very loyal, and require a lot of exercise and need attention and interaction with its family. The Cane Corso has been used as a guardian for children during its long history, and makes an excellent pet for the entire family.

Size and Appearance

The Cane Corso is an athletic breed.  A medium to large size dog, the Cane Corso has a strong yet elegant build that features long, powerful muscles. Of note, the muzzle of this breed is quite deep and broad. The neck is strong, slightly-arched, and very muscular. The compact body of the Cane Corso is also strong and very muscular. The short haired coat is dense and shiny, and becomes thicker in the winter. The coat comes in a variety of colors including: black, plumb-gray, slate, light gray, blue/gray, light fawn, deer fawn, dark fawn and formentino.  Brindling is common, as well as a black or grey mask on fawn and formentino. White patches can also be found on the chest, on the tips of the feet, and on the bridge of the nose.


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